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New Web Site

This web­site is here to present my pro­fes­sion­al self, a Safety Sys­tems Engin­eer of 30 years exper­i­ence.

Have a look at  my [[CV — Jon Hind|CV]] pages for my Resume and a paper I recently gave on Fire and Gas Sys­tems. I am cur­rently look­ing for a new oppor­tun­ity and very happy to be con­tac­ted about any work you have for a highly exper­i­enced ICSS Safety Sys­tems Engin­eer.

I’ll be adding to the site, start­ing with some handy links and an explan­a­tion of the canary.

I may well slip in some geeky stuff, trains and what’s smokin’  in fire and gas detec­tion and cool in IEC 61508/IEC61511.

Look­ing for­ward to hear­ing from you.

Jon Hind


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