People Power Passion

Or when disobedience got a bit less civil

One hun­dred years ago the Town Hall in Luton burned down, an event at a time of great dis­sat­is­fac­tion with the treat­ment of return­ing par­ti­cipants from World War 1. Part of the folk-law is that the crowd broke into Farm­ers Music Shop and took out a piano 1 and sang Keep the Home Fires Burn­ing.

We’ll be singing Keep the Home Fires Burn­ing on Fri­day 19 July at the very same spot — The ‘new’ (1936) Town Hall.

We are play­ing a tiny part in a big event, which itself is just one of a series in Luton over 2019:  People Power Pas­sion 

This is why this web­site has lurched back to life ! 

  1. (or three, accord­ing to oth­er ver­sions)

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