Keep the Home Fires Burning

Here’s a collection of resources to help with learning the song for the remarkable People Power Passion event in Luton on Friday July 19th 2019.

New !! a handy, fits in the palm of your hand set of lyrics !!- Click me 

Below are also links 1 to the Oohs and Glory’s.

My dulcet tones reading verse 1, chorus then verse 2 twice.


Double speee

A handy set of lyrics to slip into your hand



View the score and listen to the voice part (aahs) and play it back at the speed of your choice.

Voice part

with piano


From Musescore (above) you can choose “Download” then “PDF” or here are two ->

Voice part

with piano

Phone or tablet
(phone app)

Scrolls the music and lyrics one line at a time. Switch to Landscape for better effect. 2

Voice part

with piano


If things are a bit blurry, switch the video resolution to highest.

Listen to a performance — Laura Wright

Playlist of all the above plus the oohs and glory’s — Click me

Voice part

with piano

Ooh’s and Glory’s

You tube links to:

  • Oohs — Leviticus the Burial
    8 repeats then up to 12 more during fade‐out.
  • Glory — from the film ‘Selma.

  1. courtesy of Gail, proprietor and demi‐god of the Big Music Company
  2. On the Android version anyway, your Iphone may behave differently

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