Bearing up…

It’s a strange world when decid­ing if to go to a Jazz Club becomes prob­ab­il­ist­ic and brings up a risk graph and the Monte Carlo meth­od ..


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More Canaries

Memor­ies of going to the Booth­stown Mines Res­cue Sta­tion with my dad and look­ing at the cages of canar­ies.


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People Power Passion

Or when disobedience got a bit less civil

One hun­dred years ago the Town Hall in Luton burned down, an event at a time of great dis­sat­is­fac­tion with the treat­ment of return­ing par­ti­cipants from World War 1. Part of the folk-law is that the crowd broke into Farm­ers Music Shop and took out a piano 1 and sang Keep the Home Fires Burn­ing.

We’ll be singing Keep the Home Fires Burn­ing on Fri­day 19 July at the very same spot — The ‘new’ (1936) Town Hall.

We are play­ing a tiny part in a big event, which itself is just one of a series in Luton over 2019:  People Power Pas­sion 

This is why this web­site has lurched back to life ! 

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Chromebook Linux file sharing.

Some­times it just clicks when  Human beings explain stuff…


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Please vote!

















Car­toon by Dave Walk­er (About, Twit­ter)

 If you’re not registered you can do so here: (Dead­line: 20 April)

Hasht­ag: #plea­se­vote

Car­toon by Dave Walk­er (About, Twit­ter)


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Just in case I forget my name

All I need to do is find the bus and it will remind me.


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After a bit of a gap…

Well that was a quick six years since I updated this site.

I’ve made the twit­ter feed work again and am start­ing to integ­rate my photo gal­lery.

Of course the main thing is to get Jon work­ing again, so the CV’s are up to date.

Please con­tact me about employ­ment or short-term assign­ments.

Happy new year, for  2010 — 2015.….


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Why the canary ?

There was a reg­u­la­tion that in coal mines, canar­ies had to be avail­able for use as gas detect­ors. Accord­ing to the BBC this was until the late 1980s. My fath­er was a min­ing engin­eer for the (Brit­ish) [[wiki:National Coal Board]], the state com­pany that used to own and run nearly all the coal mines in the UK. He retired shortly before the Lan­cashire coalfield closed.

As chil­dren, my sis­ters and I were taken to the Mines Res­cue Sta­tion at Booth­stown, in the heart of the Lan­cashire coalfield. I remem­ber see­ing a wall of canar­ies in cages. The res­cue sta­tion also had an under­ground res­cue sim­u­lat­or and one of my sis­ters recalls sim­u­lated gas explo­sions.

The his­tory of the res­cue sta­tion is described on a very inter­est­ing web­site. There are remin­is­cences and inform­a­tion about pion­eer­ing breath­ing appar­at­us, and much else.

I believe I read that canar­ies weren’t very effect­ive as gas detect­ors — CO (Car­bon Monox­ide) maybe but not firedamp (meth­ane). The the­ory that small body=small lungs=quick to respond may not have been right.

Does any­one know ? — to com­ment, click on the icon next to the title.

And then there’s the story writ­ten by **** ******** about a trip­lic­ated fire and gas sys­tem, which involved canar­ies in cages con­nec­ted via piano wires to the three CPUs (Cent­ral Polly Units) that would squawk “There’s Gas in here…”

That’s why the canary…



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New Web Site

This web­site is here to present my pro­fes­sion­al self, a Safety Sys­tems Engin­eer of 30 years exper­i­ence.

Have a look at  my [[CV — Jon Hind|CV]] pages for my Resume and a paper I recently gave on Fire and Gas Sys­tems. I am cur­rently look­ing for a new oppor­tun­ity and very happy to be con­tac­ted about any work you have for a highly exper­i­enced ICSS Safety Sys­tems Engin­eer.

I’ll be adding to the site, start­ing with some handy links and an explan­a­tion of the canary.

I may well slip in some geeky stuff, trains and what’s smokin’  in fire and gas detec­tion and cool in IEC 61508/IEC61511.

Look­ing for­ward to hear­ing from you.

Jon Hind


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